From Wedding Celebration. To Cherished Heirloom.

As part of the Jewish wedding ceremony, it is tradition for the groom to step on a wedding glass. The guests respond with “Mazel Tov,” which means good luck. Our multi-color designs bring this festive tradition to weddings of interfaith and same sex couples.

Mazel Tov Glass has created a way to turn your wedding glass shards into a beautiful heirloom that generations will cherish!

What’s Included

  • One wedding glass
  • One embroidered white velvet pouch
  • A pre-stamped and pre-addressed box for returning the shards
  • One unforgettable keepsake!

How To Order

  • Pick a design for your unique, hand-blown wedding heirloom. The glass and pouch are included in the package.
  • Choose a color for your glass from the dropdown menu.
  • Mazel Tov Glass will ship you a wedding glass in that color for your wedding ceremony.
  • Your wedding glass will arrive in an embroidered white velvet pouch to safely contain the shards when smashed.
  • Smash the wedding glass at your wedding ceremony. Mazel Tov!
  • Return the pouch containing your wedding glass shards to Mazel Tov Glass in the pre-stamped box your order came in.
  • Mazel Tov Glass will suspend your shards in clear molten glass to create the design that you selected.

Ordering Options

  • When you order a package, the glass and pouch are included.
  • For a multi-colored design, choose two wedding glasses. We recommend two different colors.
  • For engraving, choose one of two fonts and write on your order form the inscription you would like.
  • Gift certificates are available. Call us to let us know the amount of the gift certificate and the recipients’ names.
  • To pick up your heirloom rather than having it shipped, call us for directions.