The gift said luxury

Yelp 5-Star Rating
I am so happy with Mazel Tov’s new product, the mezuzah! I sent it as a wedding present to my cousin and his wife and they couldn’t have been more pleased with the gift, especially since they were moving into a new place soon after the wedding. From my memory, the mezuzah had a footprint of about 6 inches by 3 inches. So, I knew it wouldn’t be a problem fitting with any doorway. To, me, it was the perfect size and with the silver backing, the gift said luxury. Thank you Mazel Tov Glass! — L.C., Pacifica, Calif.

Most thoughtful gift you could possibly give someone

Yelp 4-Star Rating
This place has the coolest, most thoughtful gift you could possibly give someone. How cool to give them something they can have, break and recreate into something beautiful…a pure definition of transition into a marriage. A very cool idea and the customer service and helpfulness of the owner is top notch. Will suggest this as a perfect wedding gift for the sincere and thoughtful and possibly adventurous gift giver. Thank you and Mazol Tov! — Celia W., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Such a great idea

Yelp 5-Star Rating
When I first heard about Mazel Tov I thought it was such a great idea. After a wedding is finished there is no souvenir of the ceremony itself. Mazel Tov Glass fills this void. The shards from the glass, used during the ceremony itself, were immortalized into a heirloom by this company of expert glassblowers. For my son’s wedding, I gave the “Something Special” package and the happy couple chose a beautiful bowl to be their heirloom from the shards. Now, the bowl holds and will hold all the thoughts and happy events of the wedding and marriage to come! — Helen S., Buffalo, N.Y.

Fabulous communication 

Etsy 5-Star Rating                                                                                 

Fabulous communication in helping me to make sure that we go our cup got to us in time for our wedding! Thank you so much!!! Can’t wait to see what we want to make with it!! – Layla from Etsy