Will the wedding glass break easily when stepped on?
Yes. Our hand-blown wedding glasses are delicate and will break easily when stepped on. Please be sure to wear shoes, not sandals.

What happens to the wedding glass shards after the ceremony?
It is important to assign a responsible person to put the velvet pouch that contains the wedding glass shards in a safe place until you can mail it back to us. The box that your wedding glass was shipped in is pre-stamped and pre-addressed for returning the shards to us.

Is shipping included?
No. Shipping and handling will be added to your final invoice.

Do you accept checks?
Yes. We accept checks and all major credit cards.

How long does the process take?
Four to six weeks after we receive the pouch containing your wedding glass shards.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, we do sell gift certificates. Please call us to make arrangements.

Do I have to pick a design when I buy a wedding glass, or can I wait until later?
People often wait some time before selecting a design and sending their wedding glass shards back to us. Keep track of your pouch!

Who should buy a Mazel Tov Glass design?
Anyone who wants to give a truly unique wedding gift should buy a Mazel Tov Glass design, including parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, co-workers and the bridal party.

How big are the Mazel Tov Glass designs?
Every Mazel Tov Glass design is custom made, so size varies. Generally they are about 10 inches tall for vases and about 8 inches wide for bowls.

Can I use my shards if my wedding glass was not purchased from Mazel Tov Glass?
No. But though we cannot use your wedding glass shards in our hand-blown designs, we have created two unique pieces that can display your unmelted shards. Please see Use Your Own Shards for details.

Can you engrave the finished piece?
Yes. We have two fonts and engraving styles to choose from. Engraving includes the wedding date and the couple’s name or initials. The mezuzah design cannot be engraved.

Do you give refunds?
No, however we will exchange one design for another or give you a credit.

Mazel Tov Glass packages returned after 1 year will incur additional charges based on current pricing.